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8 Healthy Habits for the Modern Business Traveler

By Best Western

Business travelers are always on the move and headed to new destinations. When you live a healthy lifestyle on the road you can do your work better. Set a goal to use these eight healthy habits this year!

1. Hydrate

It is important to stay hydrated throughout your trip. High altitudes and low cabin humidity can foster germs, fatigue and nausea – not good when your schedule is packed full of meetings. Pack an empty reusable water bottle for your flight, so you can fill it up after security. Drinking water boosts your in-flight immune system and also means you won’t have to rely on the airline’s tiny (and spillable – oh hey, turbulence!) cups.

2. Walk where and when you can

Skip the taxi and walk when you can. Make the most of your stay by keeping your muscles moving and blood flowing before a meeting or mixer. The best part? You get to see the city like the locals do while getting in your 10,000 daily steps.

3. Use in-between time to work out

Take advantage of Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ exercise amenities for your workout, including gyms and pools, found at many locations. If you can’t make it to the gym, opt for a no-equipment workout series that you can do in your room like yoga, squats, lunges and planks.

4. Stock up on healthy snacks

When you arrive at your destination, stop by local markets and grocery stores for healthy snacks. Think: pre-sliced apples, dried fruit and granola bars. Be sure to pack these in your work bag to munch on during your commute. By having snacks (and your reusable water bottle) handy, you’re less likely to opt for unhealthy options at the corner store.

5. Slow down at night

While it is tempting to work from dusk till dawn, it is important to give your brain a break. Trade your Best Western Rewards points for a spa and wellness gift card valid year-round at more than 7,500 spas and wellness facilities across North America. After your treatment, use Best Western’s free high-speed internet to unwind while you watch your favorite shows.

6. Get a good night’s rest

It’s important you are well-rested for meetings while away for work. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try limiting screen time 30 minutes before going to bed. By picking up a good book or magazine, you’re helping your internal “clock” know when it’s time to sleep. Limiting technology before bed also helps make your mornings less groggy!

7. When looking for a meal, opt for filling, nutritious meals

There are a few tips and tricks to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and experience local dishes. Opt to fill your plate with vegetables, fruit and grains and split entrees high in fat or sodium with colleagues or friends.

8. Don’t give up

It’s more than okay to skip a workout, eat a big dinner and celebrate with colleagues. The most important action you can take is to make strides to get back on track. Remember, health isn’t a destination, but a lifelong journey. By implementing healthy habits into your daily life, business trips will be a breeze and you’ll be feeling better than ever.

Whether you’re hitting the road for business or leisure, it’s important to feel your best when you travel. Today’s Best Western is proud to offer amenities and services that tailor your every travel need to allow you to work smarter, play harder and live healthier on the road. Book your next stay at Best Western Hotels & Resorts and experience the innovation of a wellness-focused travel experience.