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How to stay energized during business travel

Traveling takes a toll on business travelers, whether it is your first trip on a train or your hundredth time flying the skies. It can be hard to prepare for a meeting with the car’s movements rocking you to sleep or the quiet murmur of an aircraft. Instead of arriving to your business destination drowsy, leave jet lag behind with these simple tips.

Pack Healthy Foods

Fight the urge to stop for fast food on your way to the airport. While these meals are convenient, your energy level will take a steep dive shortly after. Avoid sugar crashes and food comas by eating a healthy meal before you leave. Pack crackers, granola bars, cheese sticks and fruit to snack on later. To make traveling easier, prepare these snacks in bags beforehand for the perfect grab-and-go in the morning.

Travel in Comfort

Whatever your chosen method of transportation—flying, driving, traveling via train—chances are you’re in an enclosed area with minimal leg room. Don’t add extra discomfort to your experience by wearing a stiff or layered outfit. Instead, stay energized and relaxed with a pair of sneakers and comfortable shirt. Leave your business clothing on top of your carry-on for a quick outfit change after you’ve arrived.

Make Hydration a Priority

Hydration is important, even more so when traveling. It’s easy to forget to drink water when preoccupied with flight numbers and hotel addresses. Keep a water bottle at the top of your purse or carry-on to remind you to take a drink every time you open the bag. Hydration boosts your energy, keeping you powered, lively and ready to take on the day.

Take Time to Move Around

Schedule some time to exercise before heading out the door. Starting the day with a quick workout—or stretch routine, if you’re pressed for time—gets you refreshed, alert and awake.

Stay Entertained

Make continuous business travel interesting by stocking up on entertainment options. Upload albums, podcasts or audiobooks onto your phone or tablet to keep yourself awake and occupied until you reach your destination. For extra-long travels, pack must-read business books and magazines and small crossword or sudoku puzzles to keep you learning and focused.

By following these tips, you’ll arrive at your destination awake and refreshed. Check into your Best Western Premier Hotel Aristocrate room and prepare for the next day’s meetings with complimentary Wi-Fi before heading to bed early. Wake up in the morning to a delicious breakfast and La Fenouillière friendly staff. With these travel tips and convenient amenities, you can say goodbye to jet lag!